TPDCC QUATERMAIN'S BREW - Single Origin Whole Bean 100% Arabica Coffee, Kenya, Medium Roast

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Kenya is certainly a country of cinematic extremes.  The landscape itself can go from deserts to tropical forests, vast Serengeti like plains to mountain peaks covered in snow and from crystal clear mountain lakes to coral reefs.  It is no wonder the legendary Quatermain retired here.  It is said that he faked his death in order to live in quiet solitude at his home on the slopes of Mt. Kenya.  Why is this important you ask?  Terroir my friend Terroir!  (soil, climate, altitude and cultivation method)  You see, the slopes of Mt. Kenya are where some the world’s best coffee grows.  Between the deep, dark mineral rich volcanic soils, the higher altitudes (second only to Kilimanjaro in Africa) lower oxygen and cooler temperatures, the coffee growth slows down dramatically allowing the sweet fruity notes to develop fully before the cherries are individually chosen to be hand picked by small family farms.  We present for your drinking pleasure our Quatermain’s Brew medium roasted to bring out the intense full flavor’s coffee connoisseurs crave.  After fighting off wild animals, angry natives, surviving King Solomon’s Mines, or just hanging with Mr. Holmes it is no wonder Quatermain played dead and went back to Mt. Kenya.  Who would not need some quiet and a strong cup of Joe? 


  • Kenyan
  • Single Origin Whole Bean
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Medium Roast
  • Flavor notes: Apple, Blackberry, Currant, and Black Tea