Here at The Persnickety Dog Coffee Company we're not just passionate about great coffee, it is our obsession!

Take a look around our website and see what we have to offer. We take what we do to heart and we think you will find that coffee is not just what we do, it is who we are!

TPDCC CARNAVAL DELIGHT - Single Origin Whole Bean 100% Arabica Coffee, Brazil, Light RoastTPDCC HEMINGWAY'S LEGEND - Single Origin Whole Bean 100% Arabica Coffee, Nicaragua, Light RoastTPDCC VIRACOCHA'S BOUNTY - Single Origin Whole Bean 100% Arabica Coffee, Peru, Light RoastTPDCC ATITLÁN AMELIORATION - Single Origin Whole Bean 100% Arabica Coffee, Guatemala, Light-Medium RoastTPDCC QUATERMAIN'S BREW - Single Origin Whole Bean 100% Arabica Coffee, Kenya, Medium Roast

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What makes The Persnickety Dog Coffee Company different?

Single Source Beans

We've searched the world over for the best coffee beans; we have found them grown on small farms which we bring direct to you for the richest tasting cups of coffee available on the market today

Fair Market

We care about the people who grow and provide our coffee beans. We believe offering the growers a fair wage for their products is essential to continued supply of high quality coffee cherries.


When we can bring you certified organic beans which have been grown in conditions free of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals, we will.

How do we bring these extraordinary beans to you?

Growing Conditions

Like everything in life, the world around you imparts a little bit of itself upon you. This is exactly the same case with coffee. The varied climates, regional flora, and soil types have a profound affect on the character and flavor of coffee.

Our coffee farms were selected as they offered long-term and sustainable ideal growing conditions for each type of coffee.

Tending and Harvesting the Crop

Our farmers are selected for not only the quality of their farmlands, but also for their ability to be wise stewards of the land. Tending their crops and expertly harvesting the cherries at precisely the right time makes them the cornerstone to bringing you the best coffee on the market.

Processing The Cherries

The harvested coffee cherries are hand sorted and expertly processed by our farming partners. Our farmers use a wet-processing method in order to maintain bean integrity and the subtle flavor notes that could be lost in other lesser processing methods.

Professionally Small Batch Roasted

Once stateside, our imported cherries are roasted using the barrel roasted method in small batches. Whether to first or through second crack, this method allows the master roaster to find the precise point on the Agtron scale to deliver the preeminent flavor notes in each of the coffees.

From our amazing coffees and beautiful merchandise to our superb customer service, you can confidently expect the utmost in quality from TPDCC because we refuse to settle for anything less.