Welcome to Our Persnickety Family, Coffee Lover –

When you purchase a bag of beans from TPDCC (The Persnickety Dog Coffee Company) you’ve joined a family who expect more from our favorite drink; way more than just another cup of that big industry burnt bean water so readily available nowadays.  I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to try so many different types of coffees; served in a myriad of ways, these coffees were distinct by region in various countries around our big world.  Unfortunately, or fortunately on how you view it, it ruined me – good just wasn’t good enough anymore! 

Since those journeys, I have tried different grinds, countless varieties of beans, various water qualities, and methods from pour-over to drip through percolate way past French press and beyond, as ways to recreate those wonderful flavors.  I have to admit, I failed each time.  Fortunately all that research brought me to an ah ha moment; if I don’t start with a premium coffee cherry grown in the ideal climate and superb soils, tended by caring farmers, harvested during precisely the right time, expertly processed, and professionally roasted to deliver the finest flavor profiles possible, I will never reach coffee perfection.  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention… hence, The Persnickety Dog Coffee Company was borne!  Our selection of single origin beans and our hallmark blends are delectable no matter your grind or method. 

When it comes to coffee you know what you like, or maybe you don't, so try a bag of our single origin beans in novel and traditional roast profiles, our custom blends, or take a turn at creating your own blend out of our impressive selection of coffees. 

Be sure to check out Bob's Blog for coffee education on the ever-changing world of coffee, the plethora of ways to brew and enjoy your coffee, and Bob's witty commentary.  Need suggestions?  Just ask.  We've also tried products from those other companies, that shall not be named, and we can help steer you in the right direction.  Peruse through our merchandise consisting of American made t-shirts and hand-thrown mugs.  You can choose from our two-tone ballcaps and double-wall vacuum insulated RTIC travel mugs and bottles in a variety of colors to suit your tastes.     

So you see, to obtain that cup of coffee perfection you no longer need to toddle off to the ends of the earth searching for the perfect coffee beans to brew as we now bring the world of coffee right to your door. 

Isn’t it about time to stop settling but rather expect GREATNESS in your cup?  Go ahead, be persnickety – You’ll fit right in.

Bob, Samantha, and the Persnickety Pack